Melendy Britt

Melendy Britt
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    NAME: Melendy Britt

    APPEARING:  Saturday and Sunday
    KNOWN FOR: Voice of “She-Ra” – He-Man
    PHOTO OPS: $45


    Melendy Britt is an American actress active in television and voice acting since the 1970s. Her most notable animated work is for Filmation, voicing characters such as She-Ra, and the second animated Batgirl. She also provided the voice for Penny, would-be love interest and aide to Plasticman (Ruby-Spears). In the TV series Cheers (1982), she played Kelly Gaines’ mother, Roxanne Gaines, in the episode Cheers: Woody or Won’t He (1990). She was also the voice for Gran Gran in the cartoon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender (2003). Britt was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 31, 1943 and grew up in Houston, Texas.

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