Rashaad Santiago

  • Rashaad Santiago
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    NAME: Rashaad Santiago

    APPEARING:  Saturday and Sunday
    KNOWN FOR: Face Off
    PHOTO OPS: $25


    Age: 24
    Hometown/Residence: Bronx, New York
    Occupation: Part-time SFX Artist

    Kind-hearted, self-motivated and driven, Rashaad Santiago is confident his creativity will make him a winner. With his father’s support as inspiration, Rashaad combats any adversity through his artwork. As a self-taught makeup artist, he has gained expertise in sculpting, molding and application. He’s inspired by Stan Winston because of his work on Jurrassic Park and Predator. He feels that he works most efficiently in a relaxed environment, and he enjoys doing celebrity impressions during free-time to lighten the mood. He plans to open his own effects shop where he can create and teach the art of makeup.

    You can follow Rashaad on Twitter. @r1a2s3

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